Reiki I & Reiki II Courses [Dutch, English & Arabic] in Amsterdam

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And a warm welcome to the Kindness.

Naoual Chawkat

Just for today, do not worry; Just for today, do not anger; Earn your living honestly; Honor your parents, teachers, and elders; and show gratitude to every living thing.

It sounds nice, right? Those are the five principles of Reiki practice. My intention is to bring about the wisdom and energy of these principles to our daily life. And that’s what I do in the Kindness either through the courses or the treatments. In the Kindness I offer Reiki I and Reiki II courses (traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho), and I give Reiki and AuraTouch treatments as well.

With science and the clinical medicine approach humanity were able to achieve a lot, we even have been able to eradicate some sicknesses. But, unfortunately, we see more and more people suffer from inexplicable chronic health problems, from anxiety attacks and depression to insomnia and exhaustion. These people have tried everything but regrettably they didn’t get the change they are seeking.

By bringing about the wisdom and energy of those principles, I want to help those people bring back the balance between the three pillars of their health: the body, the psyche and the spiritual connection. Please feel free to browse around in this website and read more about energy healing; I tried to put together some info for those who are curious to know more about Reiki and AuraTouch.

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Reiki I Course

A 2-day course that lies the foundation of Reiki. To use Reiki for yourself, and give treatments to family and friends.

  • Initiation in 4 half-day sessions.
  • Reiki treatment positions.
  • History of Reiki.
  • Certificate Reiki I.

Reiki II Course

A 1-day course that introduces the Reiki symbols and greatly intensifies the experience of Reiki. Practitioner level.

  • Reiki symbols.
  • Sending distant treatment.
  • Distant symbol.
  • Clear blockages and past traumas.


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