Reiki I

Reiki Course - the 1st Reiki degree

Reiki has 3 degrees in total. Each degree represents a certain level of strength, ability and experience in the Reiki practice. Students in the 1st degree Reiki course will embark on a journey of inner growth and healing. Additionally, this course teaches the student how to treat him/herself and others with Reiki.

During the Reiki 1 course, you will...

  • Become accustomed to Reiki energy in a process known as "initiation," which takes place over 4 half-days during the weekend course.
    Learn how to use Reiki energy for yourself and others.
  • Learn the basic Reiki treatment positions to heal yourself and administer treatment
    to others.
  • Receive an extensive explanation about what Reiki is and its applications to your
  • Become familiar with the rich history of Reiki treatment.
  • Practice administering and receiving treatment.
  • Be given a certificate at the end, proving your ability to administer Reiki treatment.

Quality of the Reiki Course

A 1st degree in Reiki should be viewed apart from other 1st degrees in other disciplines. Every Reiki Master is unique and works at the level that they have achieved over the years. Therefore, that is the level that they can give to their students. Anytime after 3 months upon following the Reiki 1st degree course, you can continue on your journey with Reiki by following the Reiki 2 Course.

Knowledge from the source

Reiki Master Naoual Chawkat was trained at the Nederlof Center in Amsterdam. Her Reiki masters in Nederlof composed the curriculum of Reiki according to the Usui Reiki Ryoho tradition and has been exchanging knowledge and experience with current Grandmaster, Phyllis Furumoto. This is important, as you usually do the 1st degree Reiki course once in your life.

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