Since summer 2022 I am not offering Treatments anymore.

I am currently more focusing on giving Reiki Courses



With science and the clinical medicine approach humanity were able to achieve a lot. We even have been able to eradicate some sicknesses. But, unfortunately, we see more and more people suffer from inexplicable chronic health problems, from anxiety attacks and depression to insomnia and exhaustion. These people have tried everything but regrettably they didn’t get the change they are seeking.

Energy Healing is a great and balanced way to help improve the well being in general, no matter whether it is related to physical ailment or mental or psychological complaint. Stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, fatigue, pain, past traumas, side effects of medication use, chronic conditions, headache (migraine) are among the situations in which energy healing can be very helpful.

Reiki is a wonderful complement in a health or wellness plan. It supports your work with your primary care providers. Please see the IARP web site at for articles on Reiki and how it may be of benefit with medical issues, pregnancy, life stages, and more.

AuraTouch is the designated way to help people with minor illnesses; but also people with major illnesses by means of, for example, relieving and lessening the negative effects of many clinical therapies. More specific, AuraTouch method mostly brings direct relieve by pain.

The Kindness offers Reiki and AuraTouch treatments. If you don’t know yet which treatment you are looking for, feel free to contact me for a free appointment to discuss what is the most beneficial in your situation. Or you can read more on my website about Reiki and Aura.