What is Aura

We tend to think that our spirit is in our body, that is actually not correct. Our body is in our spirit.

Aura is the energy field around someone. Not only humans, also animals and even things have an Aura. Actually Aura is more than just being the energy field around someone’s body; it’s the extension of the body, but only lighter and more volatile than the body itself.

Scientifically, all things, all creatures are composed out of energy. Everything has a specific vibration frequency. The lower the frequency the denser and the more earthly the matter is; like all visible objects or the physical body. The higher the frequency the lighter and more volatile a matter is; like gasses, thoughts and emotions.

For humans, the aura is actually a prolongation of the physical body. As everything is comprised of particles, we see the physical body because of high density of the particles. On other levels, like the aura, these particles are situated much further from each other. That’s why humans can not see the energy body of the others. However, there are some humans, mostly children, who can see the colours of the aura.

The radiating energetic component of ourselves consists of the aura field, the chakras and the frequencies that manifest itself in colours (between other forms of manifestations). Unknowingly, we pick up energy out of the auras / energy fields of others. We all know the saying that some one has “nice radiance”. We can also flawlessly feel the anger of someone even though he doesn’t let it out. Energetically, the emotions pass through into the aura field and that way we pick them up.