Reiki II

The Reiki 2 course originates from the Japanese word ‘Okuden,’ and is made for anyone looking to deepen their connection with the Usui Reiki system. This course will expand your knowledge acquired in the Reiki 1 course. The Reiki 2 course empowers you to become more connected with the Reiki stream, which can be very clearly experienced physically. After this course, you will be able to treat patients remotely, with a reduced treatment duration, and work actively on your spiritual growth. This will include freeing your blockages, fears and uncertainties in your own life.

Additionally, the Reiki 2 course will give you strong mental benefits, so that you can learn to tackle your anxieties, frustrations from the past, traumas and sadness quickly and easily. The course is a beautiful, deep way to experience the power of Reiki yourself, while allowing yourself to dive deeper into understanding the truth of life.

The Japanese name for Reiki 2 is “Okuden”, meaning deeper knowledge or your inner temple. Bringing you closer to your inner temple in a profound, lasting way, is one of the things that Reiki can do. This means coming closer to your true self or the ‘higher self.’ During this course, you learn to work with many symbols. You will only learn these symbols during the Reiki 2 course because the oral transfer from your Reiki Master is a powerful and essential part of the course.

With the 2nd degree, you will be qualified to treat painful memories from the past, situations that affect you everyday, and fears and phobias. You will be able to treat these quickly and effectively with noticeable results. Naturally, there will always be situations that you will rather not face or that you find too painful to even think about. Although it is advisable to send Reiki there, you are empowered to decide what you want to tackle and when. Reiki always does what is best for you.

You can only complete the Reiki 2 course after at least 3 months after completing the Reiki 1 course and have applied Reiki to yourself at least regularly. This 90-day period is very important as Reiki must do its job before you continue forward.

How does the Reiki 2 course build on the Reiki 1 course?

  • After the course you can treat remotely, so that the person no longer needs to be physically close to you.
  • Contact with the Reiki stream becomes stronger and you become much more powerful.
  • The duration of treatments can be reduced. You can treat yourself or someone else for 15 minutes, also with an option to treat patients remotely.
  • This course has strong mental and spiritual effects. Therefore, you can work on yourself very quickly after completing the course. As a result, you function better and you are less of a susceptible to the negative elements in the world around you.

During the Reiki 2 course, you will learn...

  • The Reiki symbols.
    How to to treat someone by laying your hands or with touch.
  • The Distant Symbol.
  • The mental position
  • How to send a distant treatment
  • How to send Reiki to important moments in your or someone else’s life, such as
    exams, or performance appraisals. There will also be an extensive explanation
    about how to bring past to conflicts in the present and resolve them
  • How to clear blockages or traumas from the past